Nehruvian Scientific Temper

Science as a collection of facts has been taught at schools. However, the word science doesn’t mean merely as a noun. When studying science, students primarily applying the scientific steps, and then make them as habit, and finally the habit becomes temper.

Actually, this temper is more needed in this era. While the “Periodic Table” in chemistry or “ The Law of Supply and Demand” in Economics may have been forgotten, this temper which once has developed while studying science must keep growing and thriving in every human, although one has been long leaving formal education.

Scientific Temper

The temper from the result of that science learning experience is called Scientific Temper by Jawaharlal Nehru. This first prime minister of India, called Uncle Nehru by Indian children, detailed scientific temper as an adventure spirit in order to search for the truth and new knowledge. Furthermore, scientific temper involves one’s open-mindedness to be willing to change his/her old beliefs based on the new findings, rejecting new initiative without evidence, stand on facts which can be observed, and having discipline on using it with (Nehru, 1946).

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